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ground : but how great his terror when he sees it- rise resplendent in celestial
beauty and ascend to heaven, there to be adored as the great goddess Durga.*
Kansa started from his momentary stupor, frantic with rage, and cursing the
gods as his enemies, issued savage orders that every one should be put to death
who dared to offer them sacrifice, and that diligent search should be made
for all young children, that the infant son of Devaki, wherever concealed,
might perish amongst the number. Judging these precautions to be sufficient,
and that nothing further was to be dreaded from the parents, he set Vasudeva
and Devaki at liberty. The former at once hastened to see Nanda, who had
come over to Mathura to pay his yearly tribute to the king, and after congra-
tulating him on Jasoda Js having presented him with a son, begged him to take
back to G-ofozl, Rohini's boy, Bahrain, and let the two children he brought up
together. To this Nanda gladly assented, and so it came to pass that the two
brothers^ Krishna and Bahrain, spent the days of their childhood together at
Gokul, under the care of their foster-mother Jasoda.
They had not been there Iong3 when one night the witch Piitana, hovering
about for some mischief to do in the service of Kansa, saw the babe Krishna
lyiog asleep, and took him up in her arms and began to suckle him with her
own devil's milk. A mortal child would have been poisoned at the first drop,
bat Krishna drew the breast with such strength that her life's blood was drain-
ed with the milk, and the hideous fiend, terrifying the whole country of Braj with
her groans of agony, fell lifeless to the ground. Another day Jasodd had gone
down to the river-bank to wash some clothes, and had left .the child asleep
under one of the waggons. He all at j>nce woke up hungry, and kicking out
with his baby foot upset the big cart, full as it was o-f pans and pails of milk-
When Jasoda came mailing back to see what all the noise was about, she
found him in the midst of the broken fragments quietly asleep again, as if
nothing had happened. Again, one of Kansa's attendant demons, by name
Trinavart, hoping to destroy the child, came and swept him o& in a whirlwind^
but the child was too much far Mm and made that his last journey to Braj.f
The older fee boy grew, the more troublesome did Jasoda find him ; he
would crawl about every where on Ms hands and knees, getting into the cattle-
sheds and pulling the calves by their tails, upsetting the pans of milk and wliey^
sticking his fingers into the curds and butter, and daubing his face and clothes
* The         of Ms traasformatioa is laid afc the Jog fch&t in Mathnf«s so1 called from the
child JoganidrfL
f The eveat is commemorated by a small cell at Mafaiban, in which the demon whirlwind
iž represented by a pair of enormous wings OTeratadowing the infant Krishna.